Núcleo Avançado em Cirurgia Plástica is a studied project structured by an idealist perspective. The Plastic Surgery is the union of art and science; transforming the professional of this área – mathematically – technician as doctor with artistic characteristics originated from the graduation school and personal conceptions. When two professionals have similiar academic education, since graduation in Medicine, then residency in General Surgery in the same School Hospital and, to enrich these similarities, with the privilege of developing knowledge in Plastic Surgery in one of the most traditional schools in Brazil. The union becomes a powerful and solid reality. In other words, two professionals enthusiast by their profession, aim to lead the expertise in its conceptual limit, providing a humanist, ethical and vanguard labor. The team has its operation inside a hospital institution with a modern infrastructure and a multidisciplinary team with level of excellence.

Núcleo means UNION.

Union to provide patients the most professionalism, technical rigor and commitment. Union to add the qualities of different professionals. Union to dedicate to each patient his/her real value.

Our mission is to offer quality and excellence in managing patients, plastic surgery procedures and medical treatments, in an ethical manner, aiming at the satisfaction and well being of the human being.